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Selling your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time is our specialty. Our focus is on utilizing cutting edge technology, raw statistical data directly from the multiple listing service for accurate pricing and aggressive marketing tactics to get your home sold. The key to our success is combining all of that with a personal touch to insure we become your lifelong resource for all real estate needs.


We understand that for many people, the value in your home can be your largest asset. We take great care in defending your hard earned equity and make sure that you get every penny out of your property. Our goal is to make sure you get every penny for your home that the fair market can bring.

Statistics show that less than 50% of the homes that get listed for sale actually make it to an act of sale. With that being said, the proper marketing and pricing is extremely important if you want top dollar for your home. There is much more to getting top dollar for a home than simply putting a sign in the yard. We go through a comprehensive process for every one of our seller clients to make sure that we point out every selling feature of your house.


Properly pricing your home for sale is a very important part in the selling process. Although less than half of the homes that get listed make it to an Act of Sale, the vast majority of homes that DO sell, sell within the first 30 days. This goes to show how important it is to have your initial price set accurately when listing. Many people attempt to overprice a home in the beginning, with the intent of dropping the price later. Unfortunately, that has your home overpriced during the most critical listing period (the first 30 days).

When homes are not priced accurately at the initial listing time, they have a tendency to become stigmatized over time. Serious homebuyers look at homes for sale every day with passion. If they see the same house listed for months, the subconscious effect is that their "must" be something wrong with it.


We take the valuation of our clients homes very seriously. Our process starts with looking up sold comparable properties. We search the MLS for recently sold homes of similar size, amenities and in similar areas. Once we have a minimum of three comparable properties, we then make adjustments to the "comps" for any small differences. For instances, if one of the comps is 2 1/2 baths where your home is 2, we would make a reduction to the comp from a statistical perspective.

Once we have all comparable properties adjusted, we then look at the current Active homes for sale in your community that will be competition for your home. Comparing the competitive properties asking price to the average "list price to sale price ratio" gives us a second way to evaluate the current pricing trends. Lastly, we review all of the statistical data we have put together to come up with a realistic value for your home. Once we know the true value, we can set an Asking Price that will attract buyers.


Negotiation on your behalf with the buyers is a commonly overlooked aspect to getting a home sold. We use our decades of negotiation experience to make sure that no detail is overlooked and that contractually the leverage stays in your favor. We take great pride in our knowledge of real estate law and contract negotiation and leverage that experience for every client.

Whether you have a basic home sale or a delicate succession with multiple sellers and a “stacked closing” we have the experience to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Selling a home can be a complicated and stressful process. There is no room for error as the stakes are very high. Even the smallest oversight on a binding real estate contract can cost your thousands of dollars.

Even if you have sold a handful of homes yourself, you need a real estate expert that stays abreast of the most recent changes in real estate law. It’s important that you have someone that you can trust when selling your home, someone that you can rely on for professional and accurate information and security.


We work closely with you to make sure you stay informed on the home-sale process while relieving you of as much stress as possible.

We utilize technology to help in the sale of your home. We put an electronic lockbox to make sure that your home can be shown by all licensed real estate agents with ease. We request feedback from every potential buyer and provide that information back to you. We regularly look at real estate trends in your area to ensure that your home stays competitive and maximize the exposure of any good news.

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